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Topic subjectRE: 10 Reasons NOT to Vote Nader
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22606, RE: 10 Reasons NOT to Vote Nader
Posted by guest, Wed Aug-09-00 09:43 AM
>1. Every household with 4 members
>get $500/wk, $26,000/yr

could you elaborate on this one?

>2. Guaranteed right to a job,
>medical care, lifelong education, child
>care, and housing.

Yeah, what kind of jerk would want people to have that. Universal healthcare and child care for poor people ... no way!

>3. Minimum wage raised to $12.50
Its a living wage. Thats good. Unless you want to see the income gap continue to grow

>4. Work week cut to 6
>hrs/day, 30/wk.

not sure about this one...

>5. Eliminate the US Senate

Well, thats a little strange...

>6. Make DC a state

Whats so horrible about making DC a state? Do YOU live in DC? If not, than you probably have some sort of say in government, unlike DC residents. If you do live in DC, than no disresoect intended

>7. Governmental break up of the
>top 500 companies in the
>US. No company or corporation
>is allowed to control over
>10% of their respected market.
>Companies are allowed only by
>federal charter, and must be
>renewed every 20 years.

Good! This is breaking up what are virtual monopolies. This is why there are fewer and fewer local business. We need to take away the power from the corporate fat cats

>8. Every enterprise that has over
>10 workers may elect their
>own management and supervisors.

Good idea, but could prove problematic...

>9. Governmental seizure of the top
>200 banks in the US,
>which includes 80% of the

I'm not sure, but it sounds pretty good to me. However, this is getting nearer to communism which I definetely have no problem with but a lot of people do. (propaganda)

>10. All income over 10X minimum
>wage ($12.50/hr) shall be taxed
>100%. Hence, according to the
>Green Party guidelines, no individual
>is allowed to make more
>than $195,000/yr. And that's gross
>income, not net.

again, ite is trying to get rid of the income gap. 200 grand is a lot of money anyways