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Topic subjectRE: dunno yet if i'm voting for him, but...
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22604, RE: dunno yet if i'm voting for him, but...
Posted by Timmy, Wed Aug-09-00 09:50 AM
Word and double word.

Check http://www.votenader.com/issues/Concord.html for an idea of what Nader himself stands for. It's a little more sensible-seeming, and certainly the most clear and reality-based platform I've heard in politics today.

Also, word to Ursus. Realistically, the Green Party probably won't win. But I'm hoping they'll receive a large enough percentage of the votes to at least scare some sense into the mainstream parties. We can try to send them the message that they need to clean up their bullshit and become more accountable or lose their monopoly on the presidency.

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