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Topic subjectdunno yet if i'm voting for him, but...
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22603, dunno yet if i'm voting for him, but...
Posted by jsmooth995, Wed Aug-09-00 08:34 AM
Some of these ideas in this platform are extreme, no doubt...others such as statehood for D.C. are perfectly sensible, and long overdue.

But regardless, the fact that Nader is running under the Green Party does not mean he endorses every single item in their platform. In fact, in 1996 he stated publicly he had not even READ the party's platform while he was running. So unless you can show us where Nader has specifically endorsed these ideas, your post is irrelevant.

It is common for candidates to form an alliance with one of the major third parties even though they may not agree on all the issues, because it is the only viable way to get on the ballot. For example my colleague at WBAI, Al Lewis, ran on the Green Party ticket but does not see eye-to-eye with them on everything by any means.

So if you want to attack Nader, you'll need do it based on what NADER said, or else it carries no weight.

Jay Smooth
WBAI 99.5 FM in NY