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22586, hey dove...
Posted by jsmooth995, Thu Aug-10-00 06:05 PM
1 - Hey, your posts are always on point Dove. Don't let nobody break your stride (c) Matthew Wilder :)

2 - "The fact is people are too selfish and greedy for anything like Nader's plan to work."
...I agree this platform as a whole is unrealistic. But for the record I must reiterate this is not NADER's plan at all (see my post #7), just the Green party's plan.

3 - Although you are correct that overall this platform represents an unrealistic ideal, one could argue that is the proper role for a third party. The Greens know they are not getting into office, so they aim to expand the boundaries of the debate, and thus sway the mainstream a little closer to their side. Pull the center a little further left.

For example they know damn well a $12 minimum wage ain't gonna happen, but setting the bar that high within the debate could make it easier to push it from $5 to $6. See what I'm saying?

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