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Topic subjectnice answer d-Best.
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22585, nice answer d-Best.
Posted by el_rey, Fri Aug-11-00 03:50 AM
true, U.S. greed doesn't come from just nowhere! I been too many places where that type of cutthroat cometitiveness doesn't exist to believe that its human nature or something like that. capitalism + a police state that punished the poor + a lack of any real social services + miseducation & propoganda drives folks in this country more than a little crazy as we struggle to survive. Its not all about the3 size of one's bottstraps as Expertise would have us believe. There are major obstacles to the survuval of the underprivileged on this planet. Those that are "making it" are usually doing so at the expence of their own humanity (read: they often need to step on others to get to where they are ...).

But Dove DOES have a point: How well would Nader's program go over when we are so programmed to believe in the lie of this country's "democracy" and "prosperity for all?"

love and respect,
El Rey


"To be honest, in any civilized debate a normal person would describe someone like Bush a fascist populist, and Gore a neoliberal opportunist." - Krewcial

CELEBRATING AUGUST AS ... aw fuck it, it's ME'SHELL MONTH up in this joint!

Are you free? Truly Free. Do you believe everything that you hear? Everything that you see? Can you tell me if you're free?

I try to tell folks, do you think if Elian, you know ... the little kid from Cuba ... was from Haiti, that we'd be having all this? If he was my color do you think we'd be having all this news shit? I don't think so. Or if he was a refugee from Rwanda do you think we'd be going through any of this? Wouldn't be such headline news. Do you believe everything that you hear and see? America's got you believing that Communism is right at your door, so boycott Cuba. Don't believe everything that you hear and everything that you see.

It's so sad. I get so sad some times. The only way to feel superior is to crush out the others. Cuz you sell your soul like you sell a piece of ass ... a slave to dead white leaders on paper. Welfare cases, rapists and hoes, all reinforced by videos and T.V. shows. Jail is a sancutary for the walking dead. It fucks with your head when every black leader ends up dead. Somebody said: our greatest destiny is to become white. But white is not pure and hate is not pride. Just cuz Civil Rights is law doesn't mean that you abide. So tell me ... are you free? -- Me'Shell Ndegeocello, from a live Web broadcast of "Dead Nigga Blvd."