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22581, LOL!
Posted by Dove, Thu Aug-10-00 07:42 AM
you guyz over here givin me the what for....
Remember, I'm 33 years old - I've believed in democrats, then republicans, at one point liberatarians, - hell, I even thought communism would be the best thing for us at one point in my life. I was born & raised POOR AS DIRT. I've worked my butt off for everything I have -which still isn't much.
The fact is people are too selfish and greedy for anything like Nader's plan to work. It's all good in theory to want to make things more 'equal' for people when it comes to money, but you know the rich are NOT going to open up their pocketbooks that easy. Sure, for us little people things would be brighter - but somehow, somewhere people would become discontent with that too.
Like I always say, if people aren't happy with our candidates at the top then dammit go into politics yourself.
Notice I didn't say 'Nader sucks' or anything of the sort, just said his ideas won't work - because people suck.
Please just ignore me. I'm no political expert - I'm not trying to tell anyone how to run their lives or who to vote for.
Fuck it.
You made a post and I replied. Period.
Sorry if you didn't like my answer.
~Sheepish Lordess of Chaos~

"you can still be kind and have sex you know....otherwise, nice people wouldn't reproduce and the world would be full of assholes" - Phil