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Topic subjectRE: 10 Reasons NOT to Vote Nader
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22572, RE: 10 Reasons NOT to Vote Nader
Posted by SpecialLight, Wed Aug-09-00 05:31 AM
ADD TO THAT my point that Nader isn't even on some ballots in some states!!!

"the wackness is spreading like the plague"~guru


if it is truth that binds
why are there
so many lies between

if it is truth that is liberating
are people told:
they look good when they don't
they are loved when they aren't
everything is fine when it ain't
glad you're back when you're not.

Black people in america
may not be made for the truth
we wrap our lives in disco
and sunday sermons
selling false dreams to our children.

are refundable,
can be bought on our revolving
charge cards as
we all catch truth
on the next go round
it doesn't hurt."~Haki Madhubuti