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Topic subject10 Reasons NOT to Vote Nader
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22571, 10 Reasons NOT to Vote Nader
Posted by Expertise, Wed Aug-09-00 04:42 AM
I cannot understand for the life of me why are you Okayplayers supporting such an illogical, idiotic, extremist party like the Green Party. I think it's some of you's way of simply being non conformist and to stop you from being different. So, I got some points from the Green Party platform together and wanted you guys to check them out. However, I won't provide analysis yet on these issues. Tonite after I come back, we can go point-counterpoint. Maybe this will open your eyes and show you how stupid all his ideas are.


1. Every household with 4 members get $500/wk, $26,000/yr

2. Guaranteed right to a job, medical care, lifelong education, child care, and housing.

3. Minimum wage raised to $12.50

4. Work week cut to 6 hrs/day, 30/wk.

5. Eliminate the US Senate

6. Make DC a state

7. Governmental break up of the top 500 companies in the US. No company or corporation is allowed to control over 10% of their respected market. Companies are allowed only by federal charter, and must be renewed every 20 years.

8. Every enterprise that has over 10 workers may elect their own management and supervisors.

9. Governmental seizure of the top 200 banks in the US, which includes 80% of the assets.

10. All income over 10X minimum wage ($12.50/hr) shall be taxed 100%. Hence, according to the Green Party guidelines, no individual is allowed to make more than $195,000/yr. And that's gross income, not net.

Well, there ya are. For all you Nader supporters, at least come up with some logical reasoning, if possible.