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Topic subjectI agree w. Shaun_G
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22457, I agree w. Shaun_G
Posted by BooDaah, Mon Aug-14-00 10:28 AM
This is an old trick. The media shows one example and makes folks think that's the norm. then folk get the idea that EVERY welfare recipient is a single Black woman with multiple kids. as has been stated before her situation is not endemic of your average welfare recipient. this is where middle america get the whole idea of a "welfare" mother from. that way it's easier for the government to cut funding because john q public (or jane, and btw i've heard way more black folks talk about welfare folk, so let's not get brand new) thinks it's a "reward" system of handouts for rapidly producing black folk. to me, this contributes to the societal factor of the "poverty culture" (for lack of a better term) that wendell discussed.

this is a very cruel trick. and one that is used again and again (show all the black criminals,
make it seem like only blacks do drugs, etc).

but this isn't/shouldn't turn into a discussion about welfare reciepients per se. i feel another
post swerve coming.... :-)

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