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Topic subjecti agree...sorta
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22446, i agree...sorta
Posted by BooDaah, Mon Aug-14-00 05:02 AM
> Many of the middle class African Americans...

the whole concept of making a pariah out of a person who wishes/works to succeed eduactionally isn't inherent to any particular group. this is an across the board cultural thng here. the whole concept of a "nerd" proves that.

>An aside from this post, just
>commenting on the thread in
>general. It seems there
>is an almost "blame the
>victim" mentality from the responders.

I don't say blame anyone per se(you may not have been talking about me). I say each individual is in charge of taking responsibility for their own well being. don't expect "the system" (or anyone) to help you at no cost. no struggle, no progress right?

>Personally, I see many problems of
>poor neighborhoods as being mostly
>structural in nature.

Many are, but not all. Many problems are self perpetuating because too many people begin to see themselves as powerless.

>Whether or not someone is hard-working
>and looking for every opportunity
>is irrelevant when it comes
>to changing class positions.

I disagree. If these are "irrelevant" then what are the options?

>A lot of the proposed
>solutions often address individuals but
>not a whole class solution.

Isn't a group made of individuals. If you get enough individuals within the group to decide to work in their own best interest won't the group benefit as a result. Not to the extreme of everone for himself, but understanding that by helping me, I'm helping US (especially if I don't abandon the idea that I am part of a community who as a part of I am partially responsible for)? If I don't learn, how am I going to teach? If I don't have my own company how can I employ? I just want to see US take care of us as opposed to waiting on someone else to do it (whenever they decide that they should).

>What black folks have to ask
>themselves, is how do we
>fund our schools when white
>folks do not want to
>live near us or locate
>their major businesses in our

Good point. This is EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Valuing our ability as a community to NOT be at the whims of another group (political or otherwise) and therefore defining our own agenda for how we should be living.

>What steps do we as a
>people take when even our
>local governments are inable to
>help us?

take that sumbeech over and start fresh. start a coalition. form a grassroots committee. DO WHATEVER, just DO SOMETHING. but if you take yourself out of the picture through ambivalence or apathy you can't complain because you're not doing anything to make things better.
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