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Topic subjectRE: Culture of Poverty?
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22444, RE: Culture of Poverty?
Posted by spirit, Sun Aug-13-00 07:57 AM
>Do you believe in it?
>From William Niskanen
>"Welfare is both a consequence and
>a cause of several conditions
>best described as social pathologies.
>These conditions include dependency, poverty,
>out-of-wedlock births, nonemployment, abortion, and
>violent crime.

okay, i don't believe in this...but i do believe in a culture of underachievement, where cats on the honor roll are looked at as clowns instead of success stories...

i think out-of-wedlock births and violent crime might be more attributable to a culture of "misplaced masculinity", where cats judge their manhood by how many girls they've bagged or their ability to handle violent confrontation. has nothing to do with poverty, if you ask me. the columbine high school cats weren't poor, but it seems to me they had some masculinity issues, the "rambo" syndrome, that "oh, they're fucking with me, i'm gonna kill everyone". they were pretty badly in need of a hug. ;-)

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