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Posted by Expertise, Sat Aug-12-00 03:49 AM
First of all, lemme clarify myself. After I typed the sentence "I agree with Boodaah too", that was all I had to say about what you said. I wasn't trying to paraphrase you. What I was doing was starting to explain why the welfare status exists and is still growing, which is because of the anti-achievement mentality. In no way was I trying to say that was what you were saying. Having said that Boodaah, do you agree that welfare mentality and anti-achievement goes hand-in-hand, if not simular?

>>Education is
>>a waste of time.
>i agree that for many this
>is the sentiment, but it
>ain't new, so I don't
>trip off it too much.

I am. I think to reverse these mentalities is to stress the importance of ambition, and one of the best ways to climb up the ladder is through education.

>>To be rich is to
>>be evil and exploitive.
>if anything this is the opposite.
>sadly in way too many
>cases, material wealth is the
>ONLY thing that matters to
>some. Cash Rules.... ( :-(

Well we are living in a capitalist society. Therefore, money is indeed a necessary evil. However, you can't expect to go by money alone. I was just reading in Money Magazine where Shaquille O'Neal owns shares of AOL and another corporation, and he has plenty of stock in other public companies. Why? Because he almost killed his first year's paycheck spending like crazy. So you definitely have to have more than just money, either you got to learn how to invest, like Shaq, or be able to keep yourself fresh and in a position to continue making more and more money as fast as you spend it, like, say, Master P.

>Evidently I have been unclear. i'll

>Firsthand I have seen what I
>call a "welfare/ghetto mentality". To
>me this is the idea
>that because this world is
>so effed up there is
>no reason to try and
>achieve anything better by whatever
>means you can (without making
>the situation worse for othrs
>in the process, btw). I
>agree that this world is
>effed up and that it's
>too bad, but in my
>opinion it is silly to
>expect or depend on others
>to help you (or give
>you what you feel is
>your due) because they very
>well might not. Sure somone
>MAY come along to help
>you (many did for me),
>but you can't sit and
>wait because this world will
>eat you up if you
>don't fight the best you
>can and ultimately waiting for
>someone to give you something
>is in my opinion potentially
>self-defeating. I believe that anytime
>you allow someone else to
>sustain you (which is different
>than help), that you give
>them power over you. In
>other words, you contribute to
>enslaving yourself (mentally, physically, whatever).

Exactly. And I feel that's what alot of people do. They have it in their minds that they ain't nothing, never was anything, and never will be anything, and by virtue they don't try to better themselves in any aspect. I feel (and I'm adding on here) that this idea is manifested by leftist ideals, such as wealth distribution, long-term government programs, etc.

>I believe in the power
>of self determination to help
>overcome. I'm aware that this
>is not necessarily going to
>guarantee you success, but i
>think trying to help yourself
>is better than not trying.
>I don't expect anyone to
>share these beliefs. It's merely
>my opinion.

I feel (and I'm adding on) that if you give it 100%, and you happen to fail at that moment, you aren't a loser. You only lose when you quit. I think it was Aaliyah that sang "And if at first you don't succeed....pick yourself up and try again." More people need to take heed of that message. Also, there is nothing wrong with earning what you keep, however little it is. I'd rather have $500 dollars that I earned than $5,000 of what someone gave me and I didn't deserve it. But I guess I'm unique like that compared to today's society.

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