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22442, whoa now there player....
Posted by BooDaah, Fri Aug-11-00 11:38 PM
you said...

>I also agree with Boodaah's view.

then you said...

> I feel there is
>an anti-achievement mentality in modern
>society, and by consequence we
>have a welfare culture.

I never said this

>I think we ourselves down
>each other and belittle each
>other for doing something positive
>to the point that people
>often give up trying to
>succeed. Optimism is considered
>cheesy. Success means you
>were privileged.

never said this either

>Education is
>a waste of time.

i agree that for many this is the sentiment, but it ain't new, so I don't trip off it too much.

>To be rich is to
>be evil and exploitive.

if anything this is the opposite. sadly in way too many cases, material wealth is the ONLY thing that matters to some. Cash Rules.... ( :-( )

Evidently I have been unclear. i'll restate:

Firsthand I have seen what I call a "welfare/ghetto mentality". To me this is the idea that because this world is so effed up there is no reason to try and achieve anything better by whatever means you can (without making the situation worse for othrs in the process, btw). I agree that this world is effed up and that it's too bad, but in my opinion it is silly to expect or depend on others to help you (or give you what you feel is your due) because they very well might not. Sure somone MAY come along to help you (many did for me), but you can't sit and wait because this world will eat you up if you don't fight the best you can and ultimately waiting for someone to give you something is in my opinion potentially self-defeating. I believe that anytime you allow someone else to sustain you (which is different than help), that you give them power over you. In other words, you contribute to enslaving yourself (mentally, physically, whatever). I believe in the power of self determination to help overcome. I'm aware that this is not necessarily going to guarantee you success, but i think trying to help yourself is better than not trying. I don't expect anyone to share these beliefs. It's merely my opinion.

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