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Topic subjectRE: Culture of Poverty?
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22441, RE: Culture of Poverty?
Posted by Expertise, Fri Aug-11-00 04:31 PM
This is a very good thread.

In the quote K_Orr gave in the initial post I think Niskanen was right on the money. I believe Welfare is indeed a consequence for bad decisions. However, it must be said that these conditions are not based on welfare alone; there are rich people that go through these things also, it's just that with their financial status they are able to get over it quicker and ride out the storm easier.

I also agree with Boodaah's view. I feel there is an anti-achievement mentality in modern society, and by consequence we have a welfare culture. I think we ourselves down each other and belittle each other for doing something positive to the point that people often give up trying to succeed. Optimism is considered cheesy. Success means you were privileged. Education is a waste of time. To be rich is to be evil and exploitive.

Instead of trying to fight this mentality, we have people that want to feed it, by implementing numerous government programs and wealth redistribution programs designed to keep the less unfortunate protected and satisfied. Why try to better yourself when it's so easy to get a free ride? I have known people that have children for the simple fact they are going to get some taxpayer money from the government in order to take care of the kids, not to mention tax credits, writeoffs, etc. It's gotten to the point where the majority of the citizens ask what is government going to do for THEM, as if government programs are the true nature and purpose of government. Therefore, what do you expect when you have leftists saying, "You'll never succeed, therefore we are going to use government to give you money."

This is a growing problem in the black community, and needs to be nipped in the bud.

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