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22439, hello spirit
Posted by BooDaah, Mon Aug-14-00 03:14 AM
>you call these "the lucky
>ones" as if they're the
>exception to the rule.

i call these the lucky ones because that is what i consider them. if you can find a way to get off and do, then to me you're lucky in comparison to those who can't/don't.

>...get it?

i'm not sure what I'm supposed to be "getting". you're introducing a bit of a red herring here, because your commentary doesn't go to what I was discussing (that being the existance of a ghetto/welfare mentality). i appreciate the facts you've injected, but don't exactly see how they're relevant. feel free to explain.

>What you're basically saying is an
>extremely small percentage of people
>on welfare prefer receiving assistance
>to working.

i never said extremely small or otherwise (folks here sure love to inject words don't they? :-) ).
again we were discussing existance. if i define the term and give at least one example, then to me i have shown the existance. whether there are many or few doesn't really matter.

>Since this is
>a small percentage, they're the
>exception to the rule, and
>shouldn't be the focus of
>the discussion.

..see above comment. i would like to note that i'm a bit confused as to whether you're recsponding/reacting to the train of thought I kinda spun off the original post, if you're taking it back, or starting a new subtopic. As I stated in my first response, I'm not sure if what I've injected is ideolgically the same as the quoted blurb.

>...(the initial presumption
>which K_Orr asked us to
>agree or disagree with).

i wasn't really speaking to this. in fact prior to the injection of a subtopic, nobody really was. If you'd like to take it back to the original idea (which I would like to leearn more about), then go ahead. just please remember that it's not my commentary you're responding to.

>What opportunity? You act like there's
>gold in the streets of
>the hood.

i'm not (at least i missed it if i did). I'm merely saying that there ARE opportunities hidden amongst the crap. it's up to the individual to maximize those opportunities. i agree with all the examples you gave, but so what? again, if you choose to stay in a mental/physical ghetto then that's your choice. certain factors exist that will push/pull you deeper into the mentality of one who cannot "get free". but whether you believe it or not, it's still possible.

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