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Topic subjectthe majority of welfare folks are lucky?
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22438, the majority of welfare folks are lucky?
Posted by spirit, Sun Aug-13-00 08:09 AM
>>Most of the welfare studies show
>>that the majority of folks
>>who go on welfare get
>>off within 2 years.
>those are the ones who want
>to and find a means
>to do so (the "lucky

the majority of welfare recipients get off welfare in 2 years. you call these "the lucky ones" as if they're the exception to the rule. THEY ARE THE RULE. the people who stay on MORE than 2 years are the EXCEPTION. get it?

>>But a certain subset of
>>that percentage can't get off
>>of welfare at all.
>All I'm saying is that SOME
>of this group doesn't want
>to and don't. Period.

What you're basically saying is an extremely small percentage of people on welfare prefer receiving assistance to working. Since this is a small percentage, they're the exception to the rule, and shouldn't be the focus of the discussion. If only a minority of people on welfare are affected by this "culture of poverty" that makes them seek lifetime benefits, one cannot say "a culture of poverty is what determines who is on welfare" (the initial presumption which K_Orr asked us to agree or disagree with). The experiences of a minority cannot be extrapolated to represent the experiences of the whole. That'd be like saying all black folks are criminals based on the activities of black criminals.

>>So this mentality is the individual's
>If you have an opportunity and
>you choose not to take
>it, then yes(in my opinion).

What opportunity? You act like there's gold in the streets of the hood. There's enough fault to go around. Redlining, poorly funded schools, the practice of overpricing goods and services in poor neighborhoods, the lack of a transportation infrastructure from poor neighborhoods to where jobs are (example: check out a DC metro map and peep how few stops are in predominantly black poor Southeast DC versus the comparatively more affluent northwest DC). I don't know, there's a helluva lot of obstacles. That means there's fault to go around...

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