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Topic subjectRE: Don't know if it's the same thing...
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22436, RE: Don't know if it's the same thing...
Posted by k_orr, Fri Aug-11-00 12:22 PM
>But I DO believe in a
>"Welfare mentality". This is when
>a person becomes reliant upon
>the government and its programs
>for sustainance to the detriment
>of their desire to support

How does this happen? Most of the welfare studies show that the majority of folks who go on welfare get off within 2 years. But a certain subset of that percentage can't get off of welfare at all.

Additionally, it can result
>in an individual not thinking/believeing
>they can arise beyond the
>life of one who must
>depend on outside support.

So this mentality is the individual's fault?

k. orr