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22435, RE: Do you believe that people are
Posted by k_orr, Mon Aug-14-00 11:57 AM

>I was speaking from experience in
>my example. I know
>more than one person who
>independantly mentioned this to me
>during conversation.

So our experiences differ. I was a roving counselor for 6 months going btw inner cities and rural towns. I strictly dealt with teenage girls who met the poverty guidelines.

Why they didn't succeed couldn't be blamed on one specific thing, but they were all interested in doing better. But having interest, and getting their hustle on would not be enough for them to leave their neighborhoods. I had individual solutions for all of them, but they needed neighborhood, or at least household solutions. They needed computer skills, so did Mom, their baby's daddy, their cousins, their aunt's, their uncles. Why? Cause my black and brown sistas had really strong family bonds. So even when they had skills and went back home the personal bonds with fam couldn't keep them out. They couldn't move to the big city and find a job.

But i'm trying to forget the drama and concentrate on solutions.

k. orr