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22432, RE: The real problem with poor people is...
Posted by Shaun_G, Mon Aug-14-00 09:12 AM

>>Can all poor people get jobs?
>>(No, studies on the current
>>welfare state is proving that)
>They can all get jobs, barring
>disability. But jobs alone
>might not pay for their

I read somewhere that although the welfare rolls have dropped considerably in most cases, there are still a good number of people who are so unprepared (communication skills, getting to work on time consistently, etc) that even if they do get jobs, they don't keep them long. This is why people are complaining that the current war on welfare kicks people off, but doesn't train them enough to justify the kicking.

>And professional jobs are becoming harder
>to get, and good paying
>blue collar jobs are even
>more difficult to get.

To me this is the greatest problem. Back in the day you could only have a high school diploma and still could find a job that had a livable (sp?) wage. All those jobs are overseas now since corporations can get away with paying cheaper wages than the US minimum wage.

>No doubt. Although is wanting
>to live among your own

It is if a few people not among your own move in causing you to run for the hills, taking all your businesses and tax revenue with you.

>Is there a difference between white
>professionals moving to the suburbs
>and black students creating all
>african american dorms?

No, because in both cases one of the root causes is that some Whites can't deal with living around Blacks.

Shaun G.