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Topic subjectRE: The real problem with poor people is...
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22431, RE: The real problem with poor people is...
Posted by k_orr, Mon Aug-14-00 08:30 AM
>I think the problem this discussion
>is turning into is 'all'
>vs 'some'.

I'm trying to turn into an all conversation. How do we address the problems of all poor people, but in particular those folks whom we might disapprove of.

>Can all poor people get jobs?
>(No, studies on the current
>welfare state is proving that)

They can all get jobs, barring disability. But jobs alone might not pay for their lifestyles. Jobs often have hidden costs. I thought after I started working full time I would be getting paid like a mug. Well I'm working fulltime and I have to eat lunch with my co-workers, buy business clothes, dry clean. There are all sorts of incidentals to having a professional job.

And professional jobs are becoming harder to get, and good paying blue collar jobs are even more difficult to get.

>Are some poor people not working
>out of choice? Yeah, I
>think some are.

>Can all of poor people's problems
>be blamed on racism? A
>huge percentage can easily be
>but not

No doubt. Although is wanting to live among your own racism?

Is there a difference between white professionals moving to the suburbs and black students creating all african american dorms?

>Until, we agree on this (maybe
>we can't) this discussion might
>not get anywhere.

I think we agree on some points, but we might just be talking past each other on others.

k. orr