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Topic subjectGoing Back To the Basics
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22430, Going Back To the Basics
Posted by guest, Sat Aug-12-00 11:17 AM
In regards to the point that you're trying to make, naturally we are all not going to see completely eye to eye on this subject or any other for that matter. We are all separate entities, with our own personal experiences and ways of looking at things. But please dont feel that this isn't going anywhere. Think of the hundreds of people alone who may read these posts but decide for whatever reason not to leave a message. Whenever you put something out on the table like this, whoever hears it (or reads it in this case) is touched one way or another, and might find interest in looking further into the problem. Now, one point I would like to stress again: ANYONE, POOR OR RICH CAN GET/FIND A JOB. I dont care if it flipping burgers at a fast food joint for 40 plus hours a week. So that's not an excuse. That, as a matter of fact, is a copout. Again it boils down to priorities. Are you going to sit there and go hungry because you feel the right job hasn't come along, or are you going to work at Burger King, while you work on your skills and prepare yourself for that higher paying job you want. Lastly, to touch on racism. We black folks, who dont do our research, tend to think that black people are the less fortunate (poorer people, financially) in this country. This is not true. We make up what 12% or less of the U.S. population?, yet the poverty level in this country is higher. Truth be told, there are more poor white whites in this country than there are blacks. There are more white people living off of the welfare system than there are blacks. And I'd be damned if everytime I dont roll up in a Poppye's or Churches there ain't nothing but black folks working behind the counter(and as managers too)- I just threw that last sentence in there for comic relief, some people are just so serious! So, true this a capitalistic country, and racism does exist, but let's stop using that as an excuse and get down to the real issue of it all, SELF-RELIANCE. Good day people.