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22426, Work With Me Here
Posted by guest, Mon Aug-14-00 06:34 PM
I must say, you certainly know how to start a debate. But before I answer your question, let me first say this. When this thread began, I gave my definition to what I believed it meant when using the term "a culture of poverty". This is what I was taught, and therefore I ran with it. Somewhere down the line, it changed into a "all poor people" kind of topic. Again let me say, my understanding of what it is meant to live in a "culture of poverty", stressing the word "culture", is when a person grows up poor, and ends up living their life only knowing this. In the process of becoming an adult, they lacked the drive (the desire) to overcome their situation. Instead, they feel (consciously and/or subconsciously) perfectly content with their environment, and their acceptance of welfare, to the point where they remain and raise children, and unfortunately, pass on this way of thinking to their kids, which will cause an continuos cycle until someone steps up to break it. Now in your quote, the one that started the debate, I did not see anything in regards to the actual phrase "a culture of poverty". I only saw this in your question, which is what I was responding to. Naturally, people are poor for all different reasons. But when I interjected the response that we lacked prioritization, I said this in dealing what I believe to be a "culture of poverty". For example, and we've all seen this in one form or another, I cant for the love of me understand how a person can live in the projects but have enough money to buy a Caddy and have it fully loaded, rims and all. That right there is what I mean by a lack of priorities. Another example: I know a guy on disability. A 27 yr old able bodied adult. Nothing is wrong with him physically, mentally might be another issue judging by his actions and what he told me. He lives in the projects. He collects a monthly disability check, and sells drugs (heroine). I asked him, "Why don't you get a job?" Obviously he looked healthy enough to work. He responded, and I quote, "If I got a job they would cut my disablity." The inside of his home is decked. Im talking plush carpet, big screen T.V., and Modern-deco furniture. Things you wouldn't expect to find in someones home who's living in the projects. This, if anything, is a prime example of a "culture of poverty". He was raised in the projects. He's still living in the projects with moms- can't risk getting his own place and letting the government find out he has money, and he's raising his daughter in the projects. He's not married by the way, just to bring the picture full circle. There you have it. Three generations, money being exchanged, yet everyone's still living in the projects, and no one is bettering themselves(mentally) in the process. This, my dear, is what I mean by a lack of priorities, which can start/cause a "culture of poverty". Lastly, please correct me if I am wrong, but did I understand you correctly when you said that no amount of hard work can help poor people. If this is what I thought you said, (and I could be wrong, please let me know) it's that same thought process that keeps poor people poor. And I'm not just talking financially.