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Topic subjectRE: The real problem with poor people is...
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22425, RE: The real problem with poor people is...
Posted by k_orr, Mon Aug-14-00 06:16 AM
>I'm not saying that poor people
>do not make sacrifices. Quote
>me correctly now. I said,
>you (in general) have to
>make sacrifices.

So can I then assume that some people remain poor because they don't make sacrifices.

And most people
>(generally speaking) tend to live
>beyond their means. We dont
>know how to prioritize.

Let me ask the question in a different manner.
In your opinion, is lack of prioritization of resources an important issue among poor people?

A corollary, if we could tweak the value system of poor people, could we help them not be so resource-poor.

>Again, It all
>boils down to hard work,
>and somtimes we ARE afraid
>of that.

I will submit that no amount of "hard work" can help poor people.

>It's time we start doing
>for ourselves, and stop depending
>on other people to open

I agree with that.

k. orr