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Topic subjectRE: The real problem with poor people is...
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22424, RE: The real problem with poor people is...
Posted by guest, Fri Aug-11-00 01:00 PM
I'm not saying that poor people do not make sacrifices. Quote me correctly now. I said, you (in general) have to make sacrifices. And most people (generally speaking) tend to live beyond their means. We dont know how to prioritize. I was saying this in regards to a previous post(There's a couple of ways at..). So you cant just take a statement and chop it up without looking at it as a whole. Naturally not EVERYONE falls into this category, just most. Again, It all boils down to hard work, and somtimes we ARE afraid of that. EX: capitalizing on your talents and special skills, be it washing cars, running deliveries, any kind of hustling you might have to do that wont allow you to become confined mentally or physically. It's time we start doing for ourselves, and stop depending on other people to open doors. Knock down a few if you have to. If it means following the so-called "foreign model", then yes, by all means, if it gets you headed in the right direction. That's what progression is all about, elevating to the next level, a level that will ultimately lead you to success.