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Topic subjectThe real problem with poor people is...
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22423, The real problem with poor people is...
Posted by k_orr, Fri Aug-11-00 12:20 PM

>True you may have to

They don't sacrifice?

If anyone knows about
>sacrifices it's me. It's all
>about budgeting. The problem most
>people have (including me sometimes)
>is that we tend to
>live beyond our means.

So people stay poor, engage in "self-destructive" behavior because they live beyond their means?

>dont know how to prioritize.

Poor folks don't know how to prioritize?

>it all boils down to
>is hard work, and sometimes
>we are afraid of that.

That's it. Poor people stay poor because they are afraid of hard work.

>. If you
>dont agree with what I'm
>saying how else could you
>explain how foreigners could come
>to the U.S dirt poor
>with nothing but the clothes
>on their backs, and in
>1 to 2 years time
>have their own business up
>and running- where?

We should follow the foreign model then?

I thought y'all were progressives?

k. orr