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Topic subjectSchools are in no way responsible
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22420, Schools are in no way responsible
Posted by k_orr, Mon Aug-14-00 06:45 AM

For the type of education you are talking about.

Ideally the parents should be, but ultimately it falls upon the student.

In the best case scenario's, ie white suburb public schools, children are exposed to a many different learning opportunities.

In your typical rural school, who often have it much worse in terms of resources than inner city schools, they don't have that option. If they have to choose between art and football, they are going with football.

>Can you explain your point more?

Basically the welfare mentality is a non-issue. In essence it blames the victim for their state. No amount of hustle, thriftiness, desire is going to change Nickerson Gardens into Brentwood. Of course there is some element of personal choice that affect the lives of individuals, but those same choices are made by folks in a higher tax bracket but don't have the same devastating effects. It is very easy to want to change the values of poor people (who have the same values of people of other classes) to fix the problem. But when it comes to real long term solutions for resource poor regions, it's not the victims of poverty who can solve the problem.

The people in the inner-city who lived in working blue collar neighborhoods were hurt more by the movement out of big business than any CIA sponsored crack operation. Crack has had a huge effect on black neighborhoods. Almost the same way Meth is having an impact on white rural areas.

The macro elements of American society are more damaging to poor communities.

k. orr