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Posted by janey, Mon Aug-14-00 10:32 AM
Whoops. My excitable fingers jumped the gun there.

So... What's so bad about judgment?

If we didn't have the ability to judge, discern, make distinctions, we:
-- wouldn't be able to know when a relationship was good or when it was harming us
-- wouldn't be able to tell whether the milk had gone sour.
-- wouldn't be able to distinguish and cull out from our conscious awareness the sensory input that is unnecessary.

If we receive all information with equal attention, we will become unable to function. It is a necessary process of existence that we discard some information in favor of other information.

So, naturally "judgmental" at a pre-conscious level.

When does this become unskillful?

I'm just always a little startled at the way the word "judgment" gets used. It seems to me to be important and necessary. What do we really mean when we condemn judgment?