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Topic subjectFirst, I'll talk about education.
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22411, First, I'll talk about education.
Posted by Wendell, Mon Aug-14-00 04:39 AM
Me: These people tend to have limited or questionable educational background (meaning social promotion).

You: you gotta elaborate on this one...

My original quote was in reference to people that I know who live in housing projects. I hate when we use the blanket "these people" statements, like we aren't a part of the culture, creating a separatist view.

Back to my statement, limited education, meaning dropping out of high school, which makes you unemployable for any decent job. Questionable education meaning social promotion. Social promotion is what was done in the Chicago Public Schools (and many other inner city school programs) for years and years, meaning that no matter what you did in the class room, the school system moved you to the next grade. Kids were not encouraged to work hard because they knew the system was gonna promote them anyway. In some cases, the parents didn't even know the kid wasn't learning anything because the kid would bring home a passing grade, without the benefit learning anything. Therefore creating a group of people that have a high school diploma, but can't function at that intellectual capacity. Fundamental readig and arithmatic skills that are way below what is considered "normal" for a person of that age. Often, these kids couldn't even read, so you know the communicative skills had to suffer. Without decent communicative skills, you will never find employment. I can't stress that enough!

I hope that clarified that statement. I will be back when I get a moment to continue this conversation.


Pseudonym-less Wendell