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Posted by spirit, Sun Aug-13-00 07:53 AM
>A bus pass cost $75/month.

damn, where do YOU live? where i'm at, it's $2.20 to get you back and forth every day on the bus...that's roughly $44/mo. (since folks work weekdays, roughly 20 days/mo). They must be taxing the hell outta your folks wherever you live...

> Here
>is where you can school
>me, I don't know how
>the system works, but I
>THINK that once you take
>a job, you loose benefits
>(food stamps and housing assistance)

Wrong. Food stamp eligibility is based on income. If you're making beneath a certain amount, you're eligible, whether you have a job or not. "Housing assistance"? You mean Section 8? That's determined by income too, job or no job, you're eligible if you're broke enough.

>so you have to be
>able to live off of
>that $601 for the rest
>of the month. This
>means rent and utitlities and
>food for the other parts
>of the month.

That's why food stamps, Section 8, etc. are for. To help people survive, minimally.

>As opposed to getting assistance and
>getting a check for say

The real Catch-22 is when you have children. A big problem is the cost of child care. Basically, a lot of people can't afford having someone watch their kids while they work. There are also some health care issues that I don't fully understand and can't speak on.

But these things have nothing to do with a "culture of poverty". They're just financial obstacles, not cultural obstacles.

"Culture of poverty" is the whole concept that scertain people adopt a culture of underachievement that keeps certain folks broke. Arguably this culture of underachievement goes back to the days when achievement meant you might get lenched and have your business burned to the ground (black wall street, rosewood, and countless other examples) or even all the way back to when you'd be killed if you tried to learn how to read and write. Hardly the type of things that prepare a people for success.

I have seen the underachievement thing happen...if that's what y'all mean by culture of poverty, hell yeah there are plenty of folks who don't give a shit about school, which is the main way to progress from working to middle class in this country.

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