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Topic subjecthere we go again...
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22409, here we go again...
Posted by BooDaah, Fri Aug-11-00 01:29 PM
>is called projection, where you place
>your values and traits upon
>other people.

i'm doing neither. I'm calling it as I see it and discussing (this IS still a forumn for that right?). everyone is free to do whatever they like. i don't expect everyone/anyone to listen to my ramblings and apply them (or even pay attention). all i can do, is what i can to fix whatever i think is a problem. if you disagree that's YOUR deal.

>Sorry brother,
>but that's judgemental and wrong.

You're being judgemental by calling me judgemental. And you're also being judgemental by telling me my opinion is "wrong". wrong on whose basis? yours? who are you? :-)

> You can't do that.

Sure I can. Watch me...

> Your circumstances are unique
>to you and you only.

My EXPERIENCES are unique to me only, my CIRCUMSTANCES are quite common.

>Also, I'm not sure you understanding
>my point, so I'll do
>the math for you.

I'll listen, but I really always hated math :-)

>Say a person receiving aid in
>Chicago as opposed to working
>with the following expenses....

I read and didn't quite see your point. You made up a hypothetical situation without a complete set of facts. Gimme more. Frankly If you wanna make aa point just make it. If I'm wrong, I'll be glad to admit it. WHat we were discussing waas a "ghetto" mentality and whether or not it exists. I say it does, because I've seen it. I defined what I believe it to be and gave examples. If your point has to do with THAt then I'm lost like a mug.

>I not gonna get into the
>dignity issues with being the
>working poor

you probably shouldn't because this goes even more towards something that is a moral issue. and again our morals may not align. peas for one, green beans for the other.

>and I will
>expound later on the education
>statement I made in the
>previous post.

I await your reply...

BooDaah-OkayActivist Moderator
Sister SheRise's Activist Stew Recipe:
Step1:inform yourself step/Step2:inform others/Step3:discuss the problem/Step4: DISCUSS SOLUTIONS/Step5:EXECUTE SOLUTIONS/Step6:evaluate the results/Step7:start over at 1 until desired result is accomplished.