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Topic subjectWhat you are doing
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22408, What you are doing
Posted by Wendell, Fri Aug-11-00 12:36 PM
is called projection, where you place your values and traits upon other people. Sorry brother, but that's judgemental and wrong. You can't do that. Your circumstances are unique to you and you only.

Also, I'm not sure you understanding my point, so I'll do the math for you.

Say a person receiving aid in Chicago as opposed to working with the following expenses. I'll give this person $6.00/hour (above min wage) with a 40 hour workweek which is also a strecth, because most low paying jobs are part-time. Even so, that's an annual salary of $12,480. You subtract the governments part, let's say approximately 27% (6.2% for SS, 1.45% for medicare, 15% federal tax, 4% state tax) and that's not including, if you are lucky, any medical expenses. That leaves them with approximately 760/month. A bus pass cost $75/month. You gotta eat, so lets say you spend $4/day @ 21 work days a month, thats $84 gone. We are now down to $601 per month for the rest of your living expenses and I haven't bought one stitch of clothing. Here is where you can school me, I don't know how the system works, but I THINK that once you take a job, you loose benefits (food stamps and housing assistance), so you have to be able to live off of that $601 for the rest of the month. This means rent and utitlities and food for the other parts of the month.

As opposed to getting assistance and getting a check for say $400/month. Once again, I have no idea how much a person recieves when on aid, so you can beat me down for my numbers, but I'm willing to bet that the person on aid has more disposible income than the working poor.

I not gonna get into the dignity issues with being the working poor and I will expound later on the education statement I made in the previous post.

I have to run.


Pseudonym-less Wendell