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22407, here we go...
Posted by BooDaah, Fri Aug-11-00 01:14 PM
>so poor people just desire to
>be poor.

never said that. don't generalize/paraphrase or add.

>Or they desire not to work for

for what?

>Or they desire
>not to study?

some don't. and some also don't get whatever help they can to help them learn.
>for many

>How does the system do this?

a myriad of ways. poorer funding for schools in certain areas for example. i told the story here before of the situation at inglewood high up the street from me. the student there who had the ability to take certain honors classes couldn't because they were unavailable. as a result these student didn't have the opportunity to get the higher gade averages that success in these classes would bring. thus when colleges did comparisons of GPAs theirs were lower hence a rason to not give admission. no opportunity despite ability and desire. rather than just sit back and be miserble these students had the DESIRE to change this (even though they wouldn't benefit) and sued the school system. it would have been easy to sit and fuss, but instead they took a more proactive avenue to solve the problem.

>For many? For most?

I dunno. And it doesn't really matter anyway.

>like my Mom's right?

If you say so (althougth I don't knwo your mother)

>I think he means that folks
>who come up in poor
>backgrounds go to bad schools,
>or they don't learn anything
>at school despite having a

Well then this is beyond my scope. What I'M talking about is those who don't even try to get the maximum from the opportunity they do have. To simply say "My school sucks" and not try to learn whatever they are teaching is potentially dangerous (especially if you want to succeed in an are where ou'll need that knowledge).

>I submit even if they were
>"A" students at good or
>bad schools, the diploma is
>worthless. (in terms of getting
>a ticket into the middle

Not necessarily. I thnk a 4.0 from a bad school is a whole lot better than a 0.0 from none. But this also gets into a whole different area. We all know that one can get an "A" and not learn jack. What I'm saying is that folk need to participate in their own destiny to the point where no one can have an excuse to hold you back or down.

>so they just give up on
>doing better?

some do. they figure, it's gonna be bad no matter how hard I try so I'll just quit.

>What should we as a society
>do with those people?

I dunno. I try to be an example of one who could grow up in the same situation and who was able to overcome (to some extent) the limitations in my path. I never say it was easy for me (nor will it be for them), but I thnk it's wrth the effort. What they do with that is what they do.

>Should we "encourage" them to get

Sure. why not? couldn't hurt?

>whoa, I thought you cats were

i don't believe in such titles. i'm just me.

>Is it more dignified to ask
>for handout work, or just
>straightup hand outs?

I prefer to work for mine. That way I get what I'm owed. If you ask for a handout, they can say "no" and then what you gonna do? I thnk this system (for lack of a better term) is ALL jacked up. I DO believe that it's unfair. But I also don't think (and it's been proven) that nothing in life is free. There is ALWAYS a consequence to relying on someone. In some instances the price of reliance is that it makes you "soft", and in all instances it leaves you open for "the other shoe to drop".

>What if you aren't making the
>decision to have a kid.

You open your legs or you lie with someone, you gotta recognize that there might be consequences.

> Maybe you decided to
>have sex, but your baby
>Mama decides to keep the
>kid. What do you
>do then?

You get caught up. See the thing (to me) is that not sleeping with her/him would have saved you from this whole scenario. Point blank. If you wanna aviod the drama, then don't become a piece in the game.

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