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Posted by BooDaah, Fri Aug-11-00 11:40 AM
>But realize that in a lot of
>situations, a persons desire has
>nothing to do with making
>a decision to receive aid
>or take a job.

yeah it does. if you wanna work you can get a job. if you wanna learn to read you can. desire IS the key. for many it's easier to not do that is TO DO (or at least try). Actually what I'M getting at is the way the "System" will trick some folks into believeing that you CAN"T do better and shouldn't try. For many it IS easier to sit back and "get over" than it is to make an effort to sustain yourself. The tricky thing is that when you relay on ANYBODY to sustain you you're reliant upon that person and their whims. If they decide you are no longer qualified, or change whatever other rule they choose, you have no choice but to bend over and take it.

> These people tend to
>have limited or questionable educational
>background (meaning social promotion).

you gotta elaborate on this one...

>That educational background, along with
>racial steering, limits the types
>of jobs they are qualified
>for, meaning very low, minimum
>wage type jobs.

but there are ways to overcome all of that (or at least ways to try). don't het me wrong, there are hurdles aplenty. but at some point if you say "I'm not even going to TRY and get past that" or fuss about the fact that the hurdle exists, you're essentially pulling yourself out of the "race". the mentality I'm talking about is the one where you get so tired of fighting that you give up and either believe that there IS no way out, or convince yourself that no matter what you do you'll lose anyway. getting specifically to the jobs thing, i know PLENTY of folk who would rather sit and get a check than get a job (or two if that's what it takes). period.

>In these cases, it actually
>cost more for them to
>take a job, than to
>stay home and collect a
>check. The decision is
>now FINANCIAL and has
>nothing to do with "desire".

I believe in a "do what it takes" ethic. If you're just sitting home collecting a check and not doing anything else then (sorry if this sounds harsh) but you are a leech. Go to school, help in your community, SOMETHING.

>Realize that with a new job
>comes new expenses like travel,
>food and clothing.

..and trying to stay on whatever assistance can actually cost you a lot more (in my opinion). there is a difference between assistance as a compliment to what you already make and as a replacement. believe me. i've lived it. i know it's hard for many to live without this help. but what's the alternative, give up? i see folks everyday selling oranges and flowers on the street. I watch groups of guys get up at dawn to stnd at home depot to offer their services to folk rather than wait for someone to GIVE them something. you may think that's silly, but to me there is a certain dignity to earning what sustains you.

>Children also pay a part in
>the decision, but for our
>conversations purposes, we will not
>broach that subject.

that is another discussion. but I'd have to take the hardline there too. why have a kid that you can't support yourself (again gettting HELP is different than getting a full ride based upon your ability to breed)?

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