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Posted by Wendell, Fri Aug-11-00 11:15 AM
looking at this situation. Your statement places the person "desire" under question. But realize that in a lot of situations, a persons desire has nothing to do with making a decision to receive aid or take a job. I don't have actual demographic numbers, so I will go from people I know (black people from my old neighborhood). These people tend to have limited or questionable educational background (meaning social promotion). That educational background, along with racial steering, limits the types of jobs they are qualified for, meaning very low, minimum wage type jobs. In these cases, it actually cost more for them to take a job, than to stay home and collect a check. The decision is now FINANCIAL and has nothing to do with "desire".

Realize that with a new job comes new expenses like travel, food and clothing. If the new job does not pay enough to cover those expenses and in most cases it won't, then why work if you can net the same amount (or more) by staying home.

Children also pay a part in the decision, but for our conversations purposes, we will not broach that subject.


Pseudonym-less Wendell