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Topic subjectRE: Don't know if it's the same thing...
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22400, RE: Don't know if it's the same thing...
Posted by guest, Fri Aug-11-00 10:37 AM
BooDah, you hit the nail on the head. Your definition is exactly what it is meant when said living in a "culture of poverty". But it also includes the masses that live in it and just dont realize it because that's all they know. When a lot of people hear that phrase they automatically assume that it is directed towards African-Americans, but it has nothing to do with race at all. Anyone who has ever grown up in an impoverished environment COULD be subjuct to that culture. Let's face it, In my dealings with people, I see that kind of reality everyday. So yes, I do believe the "culture" exist. Now could one ever really break out of it? Depending on ones determination and drive, like any cycle it can be broken.