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22398, RE: Elaboration
Posted by BooDaah, Mon Aug-14-00 10:12 AM
>There are constant posts about the
>negative aspects of "ghetto" culture.
>The negative criticisms can go
>from welfare to gold teeth.

I agree. Just to go on the record, I don't hate ghetto people (Hell, I AM ghetto people :-) ), I just hate the ghetto. but that's a different discussion.

>Its funny how some of the
>same people talking about handouts
>don't discuss the government financial
>aid/student loans/scholarships they have may

true (i guess). but there is a differnce between welfare as assistance and welfare as sustainence. and the difference with a school loan is that you're responsible for paying it back (ultimately), so it's a little different. i do see your point though. the funny thing (which again is a new discussion) is that welfare exists in a thousand forms. the government gives set asides to the rich (tax breaks/shelters), farmers (subsities) and a thousand others. I think the fact that that some pick at one and not the other is what you're addressing. correct?

> Some of these
>same cats talking about waste
>& materialism in the poor
>communities don't examine what they
>do with their "discretionary" income.

question though (again I see what you're saying) but if you're poor do you HAVE discretionary income? (for a real example) to spend $100 on some sneakers or a cell phone or some rims or a weave or whatever and live in the projects, isn't that odd or a little wrong to you? now i know we (notice i didn't say they) deserve nice things too (in an attempt to find a little happiness in a effed up situation), but in your opinion aren't there wiser ways to spend that "discretionary" money (to use your term)? that's the devil's advocate position. thoughts?

>I disagree that there is a
>"culture of poverty" that keeps
>people poor.

how exactly do you define the term? what do YOU call the societal and internal factors which perpetuate poverty (many are discussed throughout).

just in case you aren't noticing, i'm baiting you for viewpoints :-)

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