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Topic subjectRE: the truth about emimem and white people
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22390, RE: the truth about emimem and white people
Posted by guest, Tue Aug-15-00 07:58 PM
As far as Eminem is concerned, he is a dope MC.....period. There are MANY MC's is the game right now who I would put Eminem up against. I understand that Eminem says things that are quite disturbing (like saying he would do it to Jennifer Lopez even if she was his mother and have a child with her which would be his son and brother at the same time) which makes it hard for people to endorse him. But as far as being clever with his rhymes and staying true to the art of RAP, he is on point. And I love the fact that Eminem is a white boy. The truth of the matter is that he scares white people. Millions of white people come home only to find their children listening to Hip-Hop. They just don't understand how Black people, who they consider to be thugs, hustler, and dope dealers, are able to get through to their kids more so than they are (but that is another subject.) But I love what Eminem is doing to the game. He's shaking it up! And don't forget to give props to the man who brought Eminem in the spotlight who is already known worldwide for shaking up the game! I think y'all already know who I'm refering to.