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Topic subjectRE: i dont' believe i'm saying this
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22386, RE: i dont' believe i'm saying this
Posted by guest, Sat Aug-12-00 10:15 PM
I don't think eminem is the greatest but he does have skills.Just listen to a song like stan or his verse on biggies dead wrong remix and' you will see that.He can't help who his fans are.He even points out the main reason for his mainstream succes on the song i'm back (became a commodity because im w-h-i-t-e).Most of his TRL fans only like the songs they hear on the radio anyway.If you think he sucks then by all means say it but don't base your opinion on his race or his success.If you listen to his crew D 12 they have the shocking lyrics that he does.Bizzare is even worse than eminem just check out his verse on amityville.The point is blame MTV and' other stations for not giving other artists the credit they deserve don't blame eminem.