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Topic subjectRE: Eff that shit!
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22384, RE: Eff that shit!
Posted by Dose, Thu Aug-10-00 06:36 PM
>2. I think the only
>people that feel ashamed to
>listen to hip hop are
>the people that use hip
>hop as a social crutch.
> In other words, they
>listen to it because it's
>the in thing or because
>it's what they think they
>should be listening to.
>I've been listening to hip
>hop since I was 7
>years old. I feel
>like hip hop is a
>part of me just as
>much as my brain is.
> I'll never apologize for
>that shit. I pay
>respect to the pioneers and
>recognize it as an artform
>created by black people.
>However, there have always been
>people of other races involved
>in hip hop...an artform open
>to everyone. My feelings
>are this...Hip hop owns me
>therefore I own a part
>of it...of course I share
>ownership of this with everyone
>else because it's not something
>I can claim as solely
>mine...that would be stealing...but to
>apologize for living hip hop...naw,
>never. Hope that made
--------couldn't have said it better

"drinking water out the well of life then i'ma piss it back rusty"-El-P