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Topic subjectEff that shit!
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22383, Eff that shit!
Posted by guest, Thu Aug-10-00 12:24 PM
I respect eminem as a lyricist and all that but he's no hero to me. No famous people are my heros.

As far what a couple people were saying:

1. You shouldn't be ashamed to listen to anything, really.

2. I think the only people that feel ashamed to listen to hip hop are the people that use hip hop as a social crutch. In other words, they listen to it because it's the in thing or because it's what they think they should be listening to. I've been listening to hip hop since I was 7 years old. I feel like hip hop is a part of me just as much as my brain is. I'll never apologize for that shit. I pay respect to the pioneers and recognize it as an artform created by black people. However, there have always been people of other races involved in hip hop...an artform open to everyone. My feelings are this...Hip hop owns me therefore I own a part of it...of course I share ownership of this with everyone else because it's not something I can claim as solely mine...that would be stealing...but to apologize for living hip hop...naw, never. Hope that made sense.


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