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Topic subjectRE: the truth about emimem and white people
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22381, RE: the truth about emimem and white people
Posted by Iltigo, Thu Aug-10-00 10:06 AM
Nope..only to teeny-bobber TRL whte chics (sorry for the generilation) eminem has transformed (or been transformed) from an ill MC with a sick sence of humor, to a cacacature of what he once was. His albums sell because he is the typical Rock&Roll badboy that the music industry has a habit of creating and leaving high and dry when they go out of style.

He is only a hero to the same people that identify with the neglected poverty stricken, homocidal, suicidal, drug-addicted members of our population.

And without DRe. there is noway in hell he would have made it this far. Dre give him the credibility outside of the undergound circuit. True he was respected before he blew, but nobody thought that he was "..sooo cute though" he was w ill MC with a sick sence of humor that happended to be white. YOu ever notice how he always appears on TV as the typical white boy? He image is a gimmick and it has worked to his advantage....

my 2 cents


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