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Posted by guest, Thu Aug-10-00 09:52 AM
'aight i'll try to address everyone at once...

I have believed for some time, that Eminem is, what we commonly refer to as, a "busta'" (--not busta rhymes)

i listened to the NEW album.

I still think he's a busta', but... there's method to his busta'

The whole new album is basically talking shit on the white people that dig his sound, and the parents that are like "why are you saying naughty things."

NOW, this doesn't change that I don't understand what he's about (if anything), but it says he's conscious of what's going on.

Some white people aren't remarkably interested in Eminem at all, though the social abstract of "White People" no doubt see him as a "breakthrough artist"

"White People" want to be cool, i'm sure they do. Their first step is to sweat black culture, then to be wannabees, and perhaps if they're exposed long enough, and meet some progressives, they'll open their damn eyes and stop being all fake about what they like "yo, i'm down... i'm down..."

Many of these cats who think Eminem is the shit are these "White People" in the early stages of sweating black culture, which is to say that they dig stuff, but are still nervous around black.

THESE cats include frat boys, people who wear abercrombie & fitch, and other associated white bustaz. THESE cats think Eminem is dope, and will scream Eminem lyrics in the face of any black cats that walk into their party "...see i can rap, yo, i can rap"

I have no intention of buying his album, and when I saw him on TV, I thought he was a total ass (it was that fashion show thing with Jay-Z, and Eminem was tryin' to grind up on all these models, which obviously made them uncomfortable).

I won't steamroll his albums though (poor milli vanilli, such a treasure...)