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Posted by Dose, Thu Aug-10-00 06:29 PM
El-P is my hero as well---El-P the same emcee who claims that Mr. Len is whiter than he is.
really take away the race matter that we are all playing. if you were to never know eminem was white would you listen to him?? it is as simple as that.
and being "white kids hero"...who was their hero before "my name is..." dropped??? Jay-Z, Puffy, or whatever MTV happened to have at the top of it's rap charts, right? i don't really think that race is the issue here (of course it has some relevance)...i believe it is simply what the majority of suburbian kids have access to. eminem has been around for a long minute, but was he white kids hero before we all saw him on MTV?? the answer is simply...no. if he never had hit singles he would still be an underground sensation. Not a topic of racial debate.

don't confuse this...i am not an eminem fan...probably never will be.
just trying to point out what seems everyone is looking over.

"drinking water out the well of life then i'ma piss it back rusty"-El-P