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22367, RE: My thoughts
Posted by guest, Mon Aug-14-00 01:34 PM
>He had a hard time in
>his youth, he says that
>sometimes in his lyrics, but
>what I notice about whites
>who listen to him, it
>that they don't pay attention
>to lyrics.
that's what I call a good rule of thumb...when in doubt, generalize generalize generalize

They go along
>with the popularity of the
ummm, and what/who exactly made him popular?

>But right now, he makes money
>off dissin' other people and
>bitchin' about his life.
Yeah, I don't know ANY other hiphop artists who have ever dissed anyone or talked about their own life expiriences in their rhymes. GREAT POINT!!
(btw, that was a case of extreme sarcasm, in case you didn't notice)

>the shock tactics, he wouldn't
>be making such a splash.
>He wouldn't be as popular,
>but gain more respect if
>he did the same shit
>he did w/o Dre.
speculation, speculation, speculation....
without the "shock tactics" he wouldn't be eminem.
and as far as canning his producer, well, maybe we should see what would happen if snoop never worked with dre, biggie with puff, d'angelo and quest, tlc and austin, wack ass silkk and P, dmx without swizz, nas without the help of premier, aaliyah and timbaland, brady and jenkins, da brat and jermaine dupri, missy and jodeci....whatever...
c'mon man, if you know hiphop, you know that colaborations are a huge part of the music.
and please, don't give me shit about how if an artist is truely the talented, they can stand on their own...everyone has help from somewhere, whether it be production, promoting, ghost writers..yada yada yada. shit I respect the talented, but I sure as hell don't discredit anyone who isn't able to rhyme, spin, promote, sing, fund, play all the instruments, and effin be their own back-up dancer at the same time. that would be a circus. if you don't atleast appreciate em, that's cool, but don't knock him for having a dope producer...that's bull. oh and btw, Mel-Man did a huge chunk of the production on Eminem's latest, along with Eminem himself. but I bet you've got something to say about that too...


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