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22366, My thoughts
Posted by guest, Wed Aug-09-00 09:29 PM
I think that since white people think that hip hop is not an art form that belongs to them, they probably feel that since Em is white, they have a represenatative. But I think that they identify more with his color than his music. That's why white kids got their Marshall Mathers LP next to Korn and Incubus. It's also why Em has a tough time separating himself from other rock or pop acts.

He had a hard time in his youth, he says that sometimes in his lyrics, but what I notice about whites who listen to him, it that they don't pay attention to lyrics. They go along with the popularity of the song. They like that he has come into the hip hop world and is sellin' records. Em could be spittin' rhymes that are wack as hell and I bet that he would still go platinum. If the tracks are laced with good beats and a nice hook, it wouldn't matter what he rapped. I don't know any black people who have any of his albums. His popularity is mostly among whites. Granted that there are times when his rhymes are tight, I just don't see that kind of buzz among black folk.

But right now, he makes money off dissin' other people and bitchin' about his life. Without the shock tactics, he wouldn't be making such a splash. He wouldn't be as popular, but gain more respect if he did the same shit he did w/o Dre.