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Topic subjectWHOA!!!
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22357, WHOA!!!
Posted by guest, Wed Aug-09-00 10:07 PM
>the powerful wordsmith that
>was 'Vanilla Ice' (whose career
>was destroyed by Suge Knight,
>btw, in a conspiracy largely
>ignored by the hip hop
>nation, and yet, the 'who
>killed tupac and biggie?' debate
>still rages)

You think Vanilla Ice is that hot? He was doin' his thing back in the day, but I don't believe his lyrics were revolutionary. "Ice, Ice Baby" is hardly a classic. Biggie and Tupac were among the best rap artists of all time and their loss is still felt in the black community. Both had tight ass lyrics and nither Vanilla Ice or Em can even touch them.

>finally, hip hop has credibility.

Hip hop had credibility b4 he came, if not more.
Although Em is a good lyricist (if he can for once get of the whole "I hate N'Sync, Brittney Spears, etc." tip), he didn't come into the game and anything really important happen. He had better lyrics back in his Slim Shady LP and Infinite days. By releasing "My Name Is", he wanted attention and got it. He got white people to listen to hip hop, his own brand of hip hop. But now, he is placed in the pop category rather than hiphop. People just ate his shit up.

>so with Eminem leading the way
>in hip hop, and N'Sync,
>Backstreet Boys and the immensely
>talented Britney Spears revolutionising 'Soul'
>music, i feel that it
>is time to do some
>re-thinking about how the music
>is classified.

Whoa!! Hold the fuck up! Brittney Spears ain't sayin' nothin' worth hearing. Again, catchy tunes make the ears of youngsters rise to listen. Every song that she releases sounds the same!! All Brittney can do is smile and look pretty for the camera. She is a good dancer, I'll give her that, but there isn't much else. And as for Em, he is not leading hip hop anywhere. Biggie and Tupac were leading hip hop cuz they had lyrics that most couldn't fuck with. They always took shit to a different level that people weren't afraid to embrace. They could have done great things had they lived. Remember: record sales and popularity do not equal greatness, lyrics do. And that comment is exactly what I am trying to say, white people get all giddy cuz one of their own is sellin' records and see how they are growing and believe that all of a sudden, muthafuckas like BSB are gonna change the world. BSB, Brittney Spears, and all the rest of them are just a FAD.

>hop/soul/r&b should no longer be
>referred to as 'Black' music..

True, cuz I bet there are plenty of white chicks that have soul. Teena Marie is one of the most noticeable. Also that chick Pink seemed to have a little to offer. Hip hop/Soul/R&B are primarily black though.

I think that white people are just glad that someone on their team is finally playing well and not striking out.