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Topic subjectRE: the truth about emimem and white people
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22347, RE: the truth about emimem and white people
Posted by guest, Thu Aug-10-00 09:04 AM
>As a white guy listening to
>hip-hop, I do feel somewhat
>like a peeping Tom. Playing
>rap music in the car
>is always a problem. I,
>or whoever I'm riding with
>will turn it down near
>a black person. It's so
>fucking uncomfortable, and even embarassing,
>blasting the word "nigger" near
>black people. I feel like
>I've stolen something from them
>and should pop the CD
>out and give it "back."

What else are people who aren't black suppose to feel about rap/hip-hop? They hear statements like this and of course they're going to feel bad about listening to rap/hip-hop! Ingorance is a bitch!!!!!

Is he a hero for white people?
The way they've bought up his records and glorify him makes me believe that they are so glad to finally have a legitimate reason to listen to what they beleive is hip-hop.

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