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Topic subjectRE: the truth about emimem and white people
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22345, RE: the truth about emimem and white people
Posted by guest, Tue Aug-08-00 06:27 PM
As much as white people can love hip-hop (I am white, and I do like hip-hop a lot), it's still odd to be listening to a artform that is so distant from them. Many rap artists grew up poor and facing hardships that simply cannot be comprehended by a white person. Many white people (meaning more than blacks), and it seems especially those who listen to hip-hop, grew up comfortably. And of course looking at America completely different than a black man does.

That said, white kids can be very intimitated when faced with the majority of rap artists. But when they see a famous and talented rap artists who looks like them, the intimidation is diminished. No longer are they faced with the fear of blacks saying, "That doesn't belong to you." He is the white man's rhyming hero.

As a white guy listening to hip-hop, I do feel somewhat like a peeping Tom. Playing rap music in the car is always a problem. I, or whoever I'm riding with will turn it down near a black person. It's so fucking uncomfortable, and even embarassing, blasting the word "nigger" near black people. I feel like I've stolen something from them and should pop the CD out and give it "back." I don't feel this when listening to Eminem.

Why is Eminem the white man's rap icon, and not El-P, Sole, MC Paul Barman, or MC Serch? Simply because Eminem has been played as a white man much more than the aforementioned MCs. It's not his fault, I don't think. It might not be anybody's fault. But Eminem gets mad attention because of his skin color.

Please note that this was typed somewhat fast and parts of it may not make as much sense as I'd like them to.


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