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Topic subjectThe "Face" of the Corporate World
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22328, The "Face" of the Corporate World
Posted by Jamal_Yall, Tue Aug-01-00 03:11 AM
Racial profiling has reared its head in MANY forms as history dictates, however, its presence in the corporate world is seemingly the most prevalent....

I will be completing my undergraduate study in two years and proceeding to law school....Each day I ponder how I will nearly be coerced to cut my hair to be "accepted" in the legal field...In a most unfortunate manner, Americans are "programmed" to fit a certain template image.....A close friend of mine is being harassed at his job solely because of his hair...HIS co-worker already cut his long hair.....The idea of suppressing your expression for the corporate world is sickening....

So I ask...Do you think the "face" of the corporate world bears the ability to change within the next 5 to 10 years?? Have you ever experienced a similar situation?? What do YOU view as the "face" of the corporate world?? Does a "face" exist??

That is all...

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