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22326, Good post..
Posted by guest, Sun Aug-20-00 11:40 AM
As the only Australian OKP (that I know of) I feel I have to say something on this. Firstly, the Australian Prime minister will NEVER apologize to Aboriginals. It's a financial decision. If he apologizes it will cost the government millions. Recently 2 Aboriginals lost a case against the govt about this issue. The judge claimed there was "insufficient evidence that the govt workers were negligent at the time". Logic tells me that taking a child away from it's mother and against the mothers will is WRONG !! How can it not be wrong - oh, I know how, when money is involved. Stupid me for thinking a person's life is worth more than money !
As compensation the govt gives Aboriginals very low interest loans which are useless if you can't get a job. They also have declared some parts of Australia as sacred land - most of which is in the outback and is useless although some of it could be mined for diamond/coal but isn't because of the sacred land ruling (thank god for that)
The only useful thing the government has offered is free education. Aboriginals can get into the best universities for free.

The housing is finally starting to improve. My parents sold their house for approx $310,000 2 years ago, to the govt for Aboriginal housing. The plan is to buy houses in relatively wealthy areas and move Aboriginals in so they aren't surrounded by poverty and unemployment. They're working off the product of your surroundings idea. Makes some sense. Only problem is, what was once a nice house is now completely run down. It's by far the worst house in the street now.

The Australian media only shows Aboriginals in a bad sense. Always shows them asking for handouts but doesn't show them doing good (other than sports people). I've asked many non-Aboriginals if they'd hire an Aboriginal at their workplace and they all said no. WTF ? These same people expect Aboriginals to "get a job like the rest have to", yet concede that they wouldn't employ them !! As with most racism, it's all about ignorance. Also, as with most racism, the bad is highlighted and it ruins the reputation for all.

I don't know that this issue will ever be resolved. As long as mindless people keep believing the media, anti-Aboriginal attitudes will thrive.

That's my say.

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